Sunday, December 31, 2000

Wednesday activities

After our walk we went to the cultural center for a ukelele lesson. I think it was around 10am. I think Marcus was a little skeptical but it was a lot of fun!! "Aunty Elaine" was a hoot, she would very sternly correct us when we got something wrong, and kept at us to get it right, but it was good. By the end, we could play whole songs! I took a video so I'll see if I can figure out how to do the YouTube thing. Here's a picture at least:

Notice how I had to rest the ukelele on my big belly. So after that we went to a "new" pool, our third different pool of the trip. This one was the kiddy pool which made us miss our kids :o( but it is ok, we'll see them soon. (We're dreaming of a day when we can take our kids to a place like this. They would love it!) We took a cabana in the back; here was the view:

We read, swam, and even had lunch there (shared a hamburger and fries). At about 2pm we left for a new adventure at the 4th pool, which is a fish-filled snorkeling pool. That was so much fun!

Nothing too scary, just pretty fish and a big ray. One side of the pool was a little deep for my taste but that was ok. It was so fun to be able to do something like this without making it a big deal like an all-day excursion. And it was something that they let me do even 8 months pregnant. This is such a great resort.

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