Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lots of camping pictures

A highlight of our year, each year: the parish campout! This was the first year it was not at the beach. Instead, we went southeast to Camp Dakota near Mount Angel. It is a private campground, very different than our normal spot near the ocean. For one, there was no ocean (duh). Second, our site was in a forest area. Here's a picture of Gemma setting up our tent:

We soon got settled. We had a total of 4 sleeping tents and 2 shade tents, plus 2 trucks and a roped-off bath area. The best thing was that there was a play structure right near us! This allowed for a nice relaxing time for us moms, or at least us moms who did NOT have a toddler this year:

Ok, so I had to keep an eye on Ding Dong the whole time. That was ok since she is so darn cute!

The boys liked that there was a horseshoe pit right near by. They got to play beer shoes, much to the chagrin of the wives, who were left taking care of the kids.

We did get our fun time though. Bunny and Aidan wanted to try the zip line so Meghan and I got to go too!

We shared all the meals. Marcus and I had 2 breakfasts to cook. Of course he did all the cooking, I just helped plan, and helped with the kids.

We had our very own dog to take this year, yay!

The campground also had disc golf and paintball. Here is a before shot, of Marcus and his brother:

Here is the "after" shot of Marcus:

Yup, he sprained his ankle pretty bad. He was a trooper and he hobbled along the rest of the day, and even got a round or two of beer shoes in. But with his injury, this left James to defend the womenfolk:

On Saturday we had our traditional parish campout activities. Here we are making "dirt babies", a craft that Nicole and I helped set up. You fill the toe of a stocking/panty hose with some grass seed, add some dirt, and glue on face features. Then you stick the bottom in some water, like the top of a full glass of water, and voila, the grass grows on the top like hair! Lots of fun, very cute.

Tie dying is a big favorite every year!

Grammae and papa joined us for the day just in time for tie dying:

A very successful camping trip! We had a fantastic time and are already talking about next year....

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

Marcus' birthday party

We celebrated Marcus' birthday at Father Juan's new house in Roy. It was a beautiful evening! Lots of space, very very peaceful, and excellent food and company. Gemma took a particular liking to Fr. Dominico:

Here is the church in Roy. It is about 30 minutes north of us, in farm country. The house is mostly covered by the gorgeous trees in this picture:

Father Juan cooked Mexican food, so so yummy!

Father Hugo was there to celebrate with us:

Cute cousins:

The birthday boy:

I liked that he got a nice cordless drill. Now he can do even -more- chores around the property...

Bunny and James liked that their dad got some Legos. :o)

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

My favorite dahlia

I am back to planting dahlias, after a couple of years' hiatus. I have some really good ones, including a fuschia and some red/white ones. This is my favorite this year! It is called Keith H which is a dull name for such a pretty flower...

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Harvest--a few weeks ago

Some harvest pictures from the last few weeks. There have been a lot of changes because of the hot weather, so these are "before" shots. I'll do a new garden post later in the week. Here is Marcus getting some potatoes for dinner:

Our first few tomatoes! They have been very late this year, but not as late as last year (September) so I am happy.

Here is my favorite breakfast, what I will be having for the next two months:

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First egg!

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Summer fun

Our "new" pool...filled to the brim with kids! Just the way it should be...and with the weather FINALLY hitting 90 degrees just this past weekend, we are really grateful for this pool!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Mariposa getting her ears pierced, in pictures:

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Playing is hard work

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Some more pics of CCs

Somehow, these cute pictures didn't make it into my previous posts....

A visit to Bob's Red Mill. We missed the tour but we walked around the retail store, ate whole-grain cookies, and even saw Bob! An extra bonus: the Dave's Killer Bread store was just across the street (although we didn't see Dave).

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Barn dance!

Our friends Paul and Chris had a barn dance to celebrate Chris' birthday...so much fun!!! We left Gemma and Mariposa at home (too hard to keep track of) but took James and Bunny to join the party.

Grammae and James with the birthday girl:

Live music! We danced the night away!!! And somehow we made it to 8:30 am Mass the next morning, I still don't know how we did it.... It was worth it!

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Blueberry pies

Blueberry pies, ready to go into the oven....

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Gemma play time

Cool shades, man.

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Grammae Fun Day

This year for Mother's day we gave grammae a certificate for "grammae fun day.". We had an adventure in Portland planned for her....

First we stopped at Elements Glass:

Bunny, James, and grammae all had the opportunity to blow their own glass floats! First, the instructor helped get some hot glass (James went first--here he is demonstrating that step):

The hot glass was rolled in colored glass chips, and then the glass was blown to the "float" shape. James picked orange and purple--Halloween colors. Here he is blowing the glass:

Next was Bunny's turn. She chose blue, purple, and white.

Grammae's turn! She was able to do most of it by herself.

The final step was to cut the float off the stick, seal it with more hot glass, and stamp it (grammae is demonstrating that here):

Gemma wanted to join in, poor girl. At least she got to watch, better than being left at home which was my first choice. ;o)

Then out to lunch. We showed grammae one of our favorite restaurants in the Pearl--Noodles &Co. Say mac and cheese!

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