Friday, June 29, 2012

Birth story

We are all home now after this morning went as planned. Staying at the birth center overnight alone was fine, and Sedric kept me awake by wanting to nurse and talk and cuddle until about 1 or 2 am, but I expected this since he slept most of the first 24 hours. He was really sweet and I loved spending time with him last night even if I had to be awake. :o). Marcus and Gemma came to pick me up, and we were home by 10:30am.

Hannah came at 11am and Marcus left for VBS. I holed up in the nursery (front room upstairs, with the queen bed and now rocker and changing table), nursed my little one, and then promptly took a nap while Hannah babysat Gemma. Marcus and kids came home at 2pm, Hannah left, and now we are all just hanging out and resting. Sedric is in daddy's arms as he takes a business call. :o). Gotta start that salesman drive young.

The birth story is pretty simple and straight-forward, textbook really. It starts on Tuesday after my 40 week 2 day midwife appointment. We discussed what would happen if I continued to be overdue (monitoring starting at 10 days late) but we "knew" we wouldn't get that far. Well, at that point I was feeling great so I didn't "know" anything! But that afternoon I felt suddenly tired and the baby's head felt really low, so I took a long nap before dinner and continued on with the evening.

The night was fine but by morning I was experiencing some real, but not painful, contractions. I waddled through my routines of VBS, chores, etc. and still not in pain and with no need to stop what I was doing. Even had the cousins over to play, since I knew it could be a while before I could host another playdate. Meghan and Nicole did all the work so it was very enjoyable for me. :o)

By 4pm I thought, gee, maybe I should time these. I sat down on the couch with a magazine and timer and found the contractions to be averaging 5 minutes apart. Ok, time to call the midwife and get going. We left at 6 or 6:30pm. Just like with Gemma's birth, we were greeted by my midwife Tracy and 2 apprentices, a peaceful ambiance, and a full candlelit tub. This may sound like some obnoxious VIP treatment but truly this is how birthing is supposed to be: supported, quiet (the area, not the mom!), beautiful, cherished.

We hung out with our iPads, catching up on emails and websites until I got bored and started moving around. I was assured there was no hurry and no reason to try to make things go fast, especially since I had been fast for past births. Still I wanted to see...what if I walked? What if I laid down?

I found that laying down was really relaxing and I even dozed off a bit until I thought, wait a second, this is slowing the labor down! Right when I decided that I should get up, my water broke with a loud pop. Marcus even heard it; he thought that I had popped my hip like I sometimes do. That was the first real pain I felt. It was about 8pm.

They got me in the tub (it was a group effort) and a normal labor continued. Nothing much to tell. I remember being warm, and uncomfortable, and just wanting to be in a nice cool bed (not in labor). I wondered how long it would take, when would I feel like pushing, etc. I got a little light-headed when I would go through a now-strong contraction. It was not fun. But I guess that's normal.

Finally and suddenly I felt the baby descend and burn so I pushed like I remembered. Lots of yelling and screaming but that's how I roll. The head came out but soon we realized that the rest of the baby wasn't! Tracy had me turn over to my knees (up until this point I was unassisted except Marcus being at my head, out of the tub) and when that didn't work after a few seconds she had me stand up (!!??!!??!!). I protested (how could a woman -stand up- with a -baby- half out her???) but Marcus and the assistant pulled me up, Tracy got in the tub, and manipulated/turned the baby's head and shoulders and he finally came out. I was so immediately relieved and grateful! My midwife is amazing. Turns out she has great experience with "shoulder dystocia" and knew just what was going on and what to do. I do, however, wonder if this counts as a water birth since I was standing up in the tub, out of the water. A technicality.

So that was the adventure. I sat back in the tub with my baby boy in my arms, so happy and relieved. I never was scared but I was relieved the pain was over. After a while Marcus cut the cord and took Sedric, and I washed off and climbed into bed to snuggle with my men. Tracy and the apprentices left us alone, a doula stepped in to take care of us if we needed it (we didn't) and we all slept. That was that.

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

More Sedric pictures

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Sedric greets some visitors

At 11am today (Sedric 13 hours old) Marcus left to pick up the kids from VBS. I had a nice lunch of tortilla soup and butter cake (Andaluz orders in from restaurants) and a nap before the visitors came at 2pm. They were treated to a messy diaper change:

But they were fascinated. They love their brother!!! They were all just enthralled with him at first sight. James wanted to see the umbilical cord stump and then the feet, and Bunny and James were interested in seeing my belly. I think they thought there was another baby in there.

Grammae drove separately so that she could drive the kids back home. I think they went to Aidan/Lukie's house to play. Marcus stayed here at the birth center and watched Sedric while I got a massage here in the room (fabulous!), and then we ordered dinner and lounged around in bed with our little boy. A nice romantic dinner just the 2 of us :o) oh yeah and the little squirmy wormie laying in bed. I took a quick shower and Marcus just left to take over at the homestead for the night. Looking forward to a quiet evening and night with my new little boy!

Marcus comes in the morning after taking the kids to VBS. He will drop me off at home, with Hannah there to watch Gemma, while he goes back to VBS for their closing Mass and potluck. Then we start our time as a family of 7!!!

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Sedric Thomas

Here's the newest member of our family!
Sedric Thomas
Born yesterday--June 27th--around 10pm. (I wasn't watching the clock)
Water birth
9 pounds 2 ounces, 21 inches
3 days overdue
About one evening of labor

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Spa time

Just another day at the spa:

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Monday, June 25, 2012


This is what overdue looks like:

Still feel great though. Got a new flower bed planted this afternoon--the leftover perennials that were languishing in their pots. I figured it was best to get them in the ground for the summer and then move them later when I find a real home for them. Also planted some of the marigolds that Marcus bought for me to add color:

And a few more marigolds in front of the "random" bed (I also planted some bean seeds, and the rest of my sprouted potatoes in a heap in the last remaining bare part of the garden):

Marcus is keeping up with the hoein' and keeping the weeds away. All the plants love the rain but some could be doing better if we had some heat. Potatoes (the row in the picture) and peas love the weather.

Maybe NOW I'm ready to have this baby???

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First day of VBS

Emmett and Gemma hangin' out before VBS--grammae was in charge of decorations this year. Good job grammae, they were a hit!

All the kids (Bun/James/Mariposa/Eliot/Aidan/Lukie) are in the same group:

Each morning they will gather as a group for announcements, a skit, and song:

VBS is a highlight of their summer!

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Saturday, June 23, 2012


Marcus took Mariposa to see "Brave" this afternoon. This is not a normal thing as we don't watch many movies in the movie theatre, but when we saw previews for "Brave" a while back, we knew our little orange-haired girl had to see it!

She seemed to remember from a movie trailer that the girl wore a green dress and a black cape, so we tried to mimic that (Mariposa's insistence). I even braided her hair so it would be curly. :o)

She had such a good time with her dad! He even brought some candy for her (notice I didn't say "bought", we are too cheap for that). The ticket taker gave her a special coloring book; Marcus said that he didn't see ANYONE else get a coloring book, so it must've been the orange hair. ;o)

They just got home and she is immediately coloring in her new coloring book.

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Baskin Robbins

A little ice cream after running errands the other night.

Thanks for the gift certificates for Valentine's Day, grammae!

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How the garden grows

The new bed is doing well despite some gopher attacks:

Bee butt:

Spiderwort from my friend's sale


Snapdragons always remind us of Auntie Mary ("SNAP-DRAGON!"):

39 weeks 6 days and still no baby...this is the longest I've been pregnant and I'm starting to feel it...

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

I am my Father's daughter

See mom's blog

I am my Mother's daughter, too:

We dug into the pie while it was still warm, so a little runny:

But it firmed up in the refrigerator and was great the next, I mean after lunch....

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On the homestead

Strawberry harvest time (circa 39+ weeks pregnant):

Marcus caught a glimpse of the raccoon again, this time at the base of our octagon deck outside the fence. Yes, in the day time! He grabbed his gun but it was too late. But he did get some target practice at some squirrels.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Grand Opening of Bunny's Blog and More

Now playing... Bunny's own blog!

She has been working on some postings so you all have a lot to read and see on your first visit. Keep checking back every few days for more!

Big thank you to cousin Katie for starting her own blog and getting Bunny interested in doing one too!

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Froggie's Day with Dad

Every year either for Father's Day or for Marcus' birthday we do "Froggie's Day with Dad," based on a book by the same name. The plot of the story basically is Froggie taking his dad to putt-putt. The first year we did it, Marcus was surprised! He had no idea where we were taking him! (it helped that I took the back roads to Wilsonville, so it looked like we were really lost). Now it is not a surprise but still fun.

After 10am Mass (my absence at 8:30am Mass has been resulting in rumors of my giving birth each week) we went to Burgerville for lunch. Kids and I got burgers and a strawberry shake to share, and Marcus got an interesting chicken/strawberry wrap with fried asparagus. Burgerville is so cool!

Then off to Bullwinkle's. They had a deal for Father's day, buy one get on free for all-day passes. Normally we would never be so extravagant as to get an all day pass, but I did the math and it worked out. Putt putt first:

(Gemma is barefoot because she, and Mariposa, have foot/hand/mouth disease which is a childhood virus that causes sores on the named body parts...and her poor feet were hurting with shoes on!)

Then off to the bumper boats:

Because of the all-day passes, the older kids got to take multiple turns. They were soaked!!!

Bunny and James also got to try out the rope walk:

Not many arcade games this trip but they did try this roller coaster simulator:

Happy Father's Day Marcus!

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