Friday, June 30, 2017

more springtime happenings

Here's a little more of what we've been up to since my last "real" post in February:

Apparently Marcus has time for a little fun on his work trips :oP
a family Trail Life event at an archery field
**LOVING Trail Life!!**
school auction, always a fun time
I made this cake for the dessert dash portion of the auction
fun with cousins #bigvanfun
trying a new restaurant with my kids for Portland Dining Month
annual Builder's Expo which I run for the homeschool group
school, school, and more school
cleaning out our antique new-to-us piano
(it is so beautiful!  And now that it's all tuned up,
it sounds just lovely!!!)
Fr. Juan's surprise birthday party at Helvatia
our annual Fish Fry-Day!!!
helping with the neighbor's ducks
some of my book club ladies (love love LOVE this group!!)
Chick-Fil-A after a field trip to the Portland Japanese Garden
(I run field trips for my homeschool group too)
OMG I can't believe I still didn't make it all the way through spring yet!!  Stay tuned....

Thursday, June 29, 2017

since my last post...

Here's a LITTLE of what we've been up to since my last post in February(!)...

daddy-daughter dance at St. Matthew in February
my CRAZY Little Flowers
**I teach Little Flowers Girls Club at St. Matthew School
once a month to a group of 2nd-4th graders**
a little coffee time for mama
**this winter I left the 2 littles' at a friend's day-care to try and
gain a little more time for myself, and it was great!**
running errands
field trips--this one to NW Children's Theaterto see Sleeping Beauty with Puppets (so good!)
mid-year dance recital at LVSDA
another coffee shop visit, this time with my kids
Joe and Steph came for a visit!!
(the baby has since been born, and she's a cutie!!!)
lots and lots of nature exploration as always
We all had fun at James' Trail Life pinewood
Well, I think that takes us through one month at least!!  School took up a lot of time, but we really enjoy all being together and learning great subjects.  Marcus traveled a lot during the first part of the year as well, but luckily that has slowed down considerably!!  Then there was that "little" trip to Scotland that we took....  Stay tuned!