Saturday, November 30, 2013


Ooops!  I was going through some of Bunny's photos (looking for good shots for our Christmas cards) and I found all the Halloween pics.  I never posted them!  It was such a fun night, I thought I would share even though they're a month late.  

Bunny wanted us all to be Egyptians, modeled after a book
series that she really likes.  My mom helped with the sewing,
and Bunny designed the accessories.
We went to Uncle Brian and Auntie Coley's
annual Halloweenie Roast.  They put on a
great party every year!
Superman, Egyptian princess, and hippie chick.
Going through the goodies after trick-or-treating.  (Most of
the candy went to the beautiful and elusive Halloween Candy Fairy.)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Game Time

Concert on the Steps....see Bunny's hat?
 The band's pre-game performance on the steps of the architecture building. (Used to be on the steps of the Main Building, you know, the one with the golden dome.  The good old days.)  After the concert, the band lines up and "inspection" takes place.  I hope Bunny got to see that!  It was at inspection, back at a game in 1997, when Marcus proposed to me.  :o) (And me in my romantic band uniform and all.)  Then step-off, marching through campus to the stadium.

trying to stay warm
 Apparently in my last post, I was incorrect in my weather report.  I said the wind chill was in the 20s.  No, the actual temperature was in the 20s, and the wind chill was 9 degrees. It was the coldest home game in 22 years.  Gusts were up to 30 mph.  I'm sure Bunny was glad she brought her snow pants!

Dinner at South Dining hall. 
 I had forgotten that they put on a NICE dinner on game days!  I think I only partook in this tradition a few times.  I seem to recall going with gma H and mom.  Since I was in the band, it seemed like we could never get to the dining hall before it closed.  (I am wondering if Bunny felt like she was at Hogwarts.)

more ND pictures

from my mom's blog:


at the game

Bunny at Notre Dame

I am sure my daughter will want to do her very own posts about her big trip to Notre Dame, but for now I will give a sneak peak with pictures that Marcus sent to me:

my old dorm (she is wearing my dorm's hat...almost 20 years old!)
"Touchdown Jesus" (library)
she said the dini sauce was just like mom's 
Hanging out with a new friend--Bob and Linda's granddaughter,
Cate (Marcus and Bunny are staying with Linda,  Marcus' mom's
longtime friend from nursing school)
so cold outside, waiting inside the JACC before the game,
with grandma and grandpa
I think she said the wind chill is in the 20s, she isn't used to
being outside in this weather!  I'm glad I sent here with a big scarf!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Fall Clean-up

Marcus and Bunny are on their big trip to Notre Dame right now, but before they left Marcus organized a work party for a little fall clean-up:

They got all the leaves from our little maple trees raked up and piled up, ready for me to us on my flower beds.  The best part?  The kids had a blast!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Halloween Candy Fairy

The Halloween Candy Fairy came to visit earlier in the month, and she left toys for each child in exchange for all their Halloween candy.  She is such a thoughtful, kind, and beautiful fairy!!!  ;o)

Bonus: this kept the kids busy for an hour at least!

You just can't go wrong with Playmobil....

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Where's Burby?

It's been so long since I've posted anything, I thought I would just throw this one out there before I go to bed tonight:

Monday, November 11, 2013

Friday Night Lights

When the kids were younger (and fewer) we used to take them to at least one high school football game per season.  I think it was when Mariposa was a preschooler that we realized that this tradition wasn't fun anymore.  :o)  And of course with sweet Gemma...and now Sedric...well, going as a family to a game is out of the question.  (Although I bet a viral YouTube video could come out of it...just imagine, "Three-year-old runs out on the field and starts bossing around the players while baby brother runs away with the ball...")

But I still really want my kids to experience high school football games and all that comes with them.  I have such great memories of football!  And being homeschooled, the kids can't really be exposed to the fun of a game unless we arrange for it.  So last month Marcus encouraged me to take the oldest 2 to his old stomping ground, Hare Field, to watch his alma mater's homecoming game.

You may notice that we made a stop at
Starbux before heading to the stadium.
That was part of the package.  Or it was just
for my benefit.  Either one.
Kids can only sit still for so long, so we brought a football
to toss around.  James throws a mean spiral, and Bunny
has a strong arm, too!
Some "real" football players joined us, what a treat!  These
guys were academically ineligible (darn algebra).  They stayed
with us for a long time, probably 20 minutes, and they were so
kind to the kids, I can't even begin to tell you how sweet it
was to see these big guys playing around with pee wees.
The kids didn't believe me when I told them that their daddy
used to be the one on the stand, directing the band....
 What a fun time, so glad we reinstated this tradition (even if with just a few kids).  A few weeks later Marcus got to take them to an away game, so they got to see a new stadium/band/team as well.  Bunny paid close attention to the games--gearing up for her big Notre Dame trip next week!  :o)

Monday, November 4, 2013

October fun

Some pics from a very full October:

visit to the dahlia farm down the road
monthly Altar Society meeting (this time I had all 5 kids
with me...and they were great!)
"field trip" to Costco (ok, I am stretching it)
(but they did learn how they get the sauce
on the pizzas--cool machine thingy)
high school football game
my 37th birthday
friend's birthday party
finally got her new camera!
James too (made out of lego bricks) 
annual beach trip to Lincoln City
grandma and grandpa came to visit and do what they do best
grandpa was very interested in the flower stand
once he found out Bunny made over $50 selling
flowers and pumpkins
applesauce made from a friend's apples
learning the Thriller dance!
1st Annual St. Matthew International Fall Festival
planting spring bulbs
As you can imagine, each one of these pictures has a story behind it :o) and dozens of other pictures to go with it.  As time permits, I may elaborate on an event...or not...we'll see.  Time keeps marching forward, and with it comes more adventures.  Never a dull (or quiet) moment in our family!