Saturday, November 19, 2016

Fall Fun with grandma and grandpa

I think the kids had a good time with grandma and grandpa watching them for 3 days....

And now it was my turn to join in on the fun!

I always enjoy visits from my mom and dad.  :o)

putting up the neighbor's ducks for the night
Saturday morning pancake breakfast
dinner at Amelia's

This burrito was big enough for James and I
to share for dinner...and for lunch the next day!
selfies run in the family
gotta make a New Seasons trip

Grandma got in on the duck action, too.
Grandpa taught James all the Harbor Freight coupon tricks.

more supplies needed
Ikea lunch after dropping off grandma and grandpa
at the airport (kids eat free!!)

Another great trip...too short but I am still happy that grandma and grandpa were able to come out during football season ;o) and spend some time with us!!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Amazing (belated) anniversary trip to the coast

Marcus and I got the chance to celebrate our (belated) 18th wedding anniversary at the beautiful Stephanie Inn in Cannon Beach.

Summer was a busy season of work travel for Marcus, so it took a while to find some time to get away to celebrate.  In late September my parents flew out to watch the kids, and Marcus and I finally got our chance!

We had originally thought we might fly to Las Vegas for a short three-day trip (spa time, fantastic food, and shows!) but we changed our minds and opted for something more low-key and a lot closer.  We had never been to the amazing Stephanie Inn, so this was our chance!

First stop: New Seasons to pick up fixing' for a delicious
deli dinner.  We got all the classics, including a baguette,
a wedge of creamy brie, and decadent chocolate cake.
After checking in, we felt right at home.  AHHHHH!!
a late lunch at a local seafood joint before our spa
massage appointments back at the hotel
relaxing on the balcony after our massages

delish brunch the next morning
walk on the beach--gorgeous weather
coffee break
our hotel--bottom finger
coffee shop--top finger
early dinner (to be able to catch the sunset later)

just relaxin' on our last morning at the beach
leisurely brunch

This was quite the relaxing, much-needed vacation!  I am so grateful that grandma and grandpa were able and willing to come and watch the kids.  The best part was that, when we got home on Friday night, I still had more than 3 full days with them!!  

I think the Stephanie Inn (with grandma and grandpa as babysitters) might become a regular occurrence...  ;o)

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Greek treats

The other day Bunny and I went out to lunch at a local Middle-Eastern restaurant...

...and she was inspired to make baklava when she got home!!

(always lots of helpers)
Bunny is meticulous in her baklava-making.
ready for the honey syrup

Bunny donated her baklava to the church's Fall Festival, where it was a BIG hit!!