Tuesday, April 30, 2013

No School for Sedric

Seddy was sad to see the school room door closed:

This is why he's not allowed in the school
room, the little stinker!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

NYR #5--March new recipes

Egg-in-a-hole (I can't believe I never made this!)
~homemade 5-grain bread, eggs from our farm
The best pot roast EVER
S'Mores brownies
Cashew Chicken & Broccoli
We had another great month of new recipes!  I think my favorite was the pot roast, only because it was soooooo fabulous!  But really, all the recipes this month were winners.  The egg-in-a-hole was inspired by The Pioneer Woman (Food Network Show), as was the pot roast.  The brownies were from a cookbook I bought for myself got from Marcus for Christmas, and the stir-fry was from the Oregonian (recipes below).  The 5th recipe is not shown--Amish Friendship Bread.  This one is fun!  Nicole gave me some starter, and we've been baking the sweet bread since.  I keep freezing it for future snacks, too.  Yum!

Making the s'mores brownies (graham crackers IN the batter)


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

NYR #5--February new recipes

I was just about to post March's 5 new recipes when I realized I never posted February's!  I think I was confused because I actually did post some of the recipes in individual posts, but not the whole February recap as one singular post.  So here it is....

In February we had some winners and some also-rans.  The first new recipe we made was "Maple Oat Scones," which I have already written about.  It was a yummy treat that got thumbs-up from the crew!  I used my new "Farm Chicks" cookbook from my goddaughter Eliot.  

From that same cookbook we made the golden potato bake.  I didn't remember to take photos of the results OR the recipe, but it was very good and we will make it again.  Hashbrowns mixed with sour cream and cheese, what's not to like?  

For the Oscars party I made Chocolate Caramel Candy Bars (recipe below).  These were "OK."  I was expecting WOW! since I really love Twix bars, but I think making caramel with sweetened condensed milk made the bars taste a little different than a true caramel.  I might try again but make my own caramel.  In my "spare time," right?

making the caramel, to put on the cookie crust
From Woman's Day magazine

Also for the Oscars we made these little goat-cheese and apricot appetizers:

from Sunset Magazine
Just like the caramel bars, I was expecting a lot more.  I think the apricots were too apricot-y and plump.  I might've liked them better with a dryer style of apricot, if there is such thing.  Think: the difference in texture between a raisin and a dried cranberry.

Our final recipe was a winner!!!  Our nanny Mrs. N had mentioned that she had tried a Panera copy-cat recipe--Chicken and Wild Rice Soup.  She had found it on food.com.  It was easy enough and had great reviews, so we gave it a try.  We weren't disappointed! This creamy soup was loved by ALL the kids and there were no leftovers after dinner (note to self: make a double batch!).  Marcus grilled the chicken the day before, and I think the grilled flavor made the soup all the better.
The ingredients
(we ate up all the soup before I could take a picture!)
What new recipes have YOU tried?

A Nice Day at the Playground

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kitty Kat Kamp

These are just two of the many pictures I took of Burby playing "Kitty Kat Kamp" with Gemma.  :o)  He kept walking all over Gemma and knocking down her little cat set-up.  Gemma would get so frustrated with him.  Just like an old married couple.  It was so funny to watch!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Easter Dinner

running up to see the donkeys
lots of carrots

bunny ears, how appropriate
we were extra-holy--we had TWO priests
over for dinner!  ;o)  (Father Rock is
Uncle Alan's friend)
a lot of talent in this family

Happy Easter, everyone!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Easter Sunday--morning and afternoon

For the rest of Easter Saturday, we cleaned and got ready for Easter Sunday.  I didn't have more baking to do, but Marcus did: he made his traditional lamb cake using the Joy of Cooking pound cake recipe.  I put together a pan or rainbow jello--a crowd favorite.  ;o)

Sunday morning we got dressed for Mass and when the kids came downstairs, they found that the Easter Bunny had hid their baskets!  Baskets had jelly beans, chocolate, books, shirts, and play-doh.  They had fun seeing all the goodies.
The kids with their haul
at Mass
After Mass we made our way to Meghan & Shane's house for a lovely Easter brunch.  One of the favorite things for the kids to do there is play on the jump-o-line:

kite-flying was fun too
a little "media time" after all that activity
we adults always like to catch up on the latest happenings
in each others' lives
Back at home for the early afternoon, we had the little kids nap and the bigger kids dyed eggs.  Before too long we packed up and made our way to grammae and papa's for Easter dinner....