Thursday, May 30, 2013

Girls' time at the mall

Tuesday morning...rain forecasted, so no gardening...time for shopping!
first up, 2nd breakfast at Biscuits Cafe  ;o)

next stop, Sephora to try on makeup
then Nordy's for some shopping!! 
a trip to Starbux before going home
(notice Mariposa changed into her new dress)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A nice evening before the RAIN

We knew to get all our planting done by Monday night, because COLD and RAIN was forecasted for the rest of the week.  Our final good-weather fling:

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A gardener's work is never done...

planting pumpkin seeds just outside the fenceline
of our new "auxiliary" garden
Mariposa is ever-present in the garden
some starts and some seeds...not enough room
inside the fence so we will try this
2 rows of corn, with room for 2 more rows
then some pumpkins
then zucchini/squash
then beans, with room for another row
and finally Walla Wallas
(Mariposa is making a nest for a chicken egg)
just "a few" seeds left to go  ;o)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

gifts for James

Sunday evening, after our Chinese dinner,
James opened his gifts.  It was a beautiful evening
so we gathered outside on the front porch.

Gemma doesn't stay put for long.  But she wasn't alone:
Catnip was with her out in the lawn.  ;o)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

James' First Communion

Last Sunday was James' special day, the day he first received the Body and Blood of Christ.  In the morning, at home, he received a beautiful rosary from grammae/papa and a special crucifix necklace from grandma/grandpa, to wear during Mass--you can see these in the photos.  At 8:30am Mass there were exactly 3 kids receiving their first Communion...James, Lukie, and Eliot.  :o)  I guess that's not a popular time for families!

James' participation in Mass was to read the introductions.  Bunny was an altar server (along with Aidan), and Fr. Juan concelebrated with Fr. Peter (is that the correct word?). A man of many talents, Fr. Peter also joined in with the choir for the preparation song. The cousins sang "Shine, Jesus, Shine" for a meditation song--such a treat to hear those sweet little voices.  After Mass and photos, we all made our way to grammae and papa's house for a lovely brunch, then back to our house for much-needed naps.  And finally, as is tradition, dinner at the Dancing Dragon restaurant...the same way Marcus celebrated his first Communion almost 30 years ago.

Enjoy the photos!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Grandma and Grandpa's visit

Wow, it's hard to believe that it was over a WEEK ago that my parents flew in for a visit!

Dinner at Panda Express near the airport
We got a 12-passenger van so we wouldn't feel squashed...
so why are all 4 seats in the back row full???
Sedric was happy to see grandma and grandpa
from the very start.
On Friday, my dad and I drove into Home Depot for some fencing material, and once we got home it took only 30 minutes to get our new "auxiliary" garden fenced and secure.  He showed me (and Mariposa, my garden helper) how to put in the T-posts and roll out the field fencing, then secure it with zip ties (it's a temporary garden; we'll probably expand it next year).  The chickens will be kept out of the garden at least, and hopefully deer will think it's too much trouble as well.  We'll see!

Friday night brought cousin Lukie's birthday party:

And Saturday morning brought pancakes as always:
 We did more outdoor work on Saturday morning, then a nice lunch using my FRESH garden greens, yum!!  
Yes, I do like to take photos of my food.  Deal with it.
So the reasons my parents came to visit were tri-fold: first, for James' special day, second, to spend time with half their grandkids :o), and third, to help with my garden.  
James and grandpa working on a motor kit project.
Of course, I have lots of pics of James' first communion...I'll pace that for another post.  Here's one for now:
More to come!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Geodome Fun

On Monday, grammae and papa came to assemble the geodome...
...with help, of course.
(Nice horse trailer.  :P   But hey, it keeps the
chicks warm and dry, so it's a good thing.)
They've been on it nonstop ever since
Monday evening! 

Thanks, grammae and papa!!!

Ascension prayers

Our very dear friend Fr. Domenico (or "Father Minco" as Gemma calls him) shared a special tradition to celebrate the Feast of the Ascension.  He gave each child a small plastic heart, and the kids were to write their prayers on small pieces of paper and place the prayers in the heart.  Overnight, Jesus would take the prayers with him straight to heaven!  
Bunny helped by writing for the younger kids.
James had quite a few of his own!
(they all came up with their own prayers, without input
from dad or proud of them)
We left the hearts out on the counter, and in
the morning the prayers were replaced by
beautiful crosses, which all the kids wore
to Mass in the morning.

Here are their prayers (without spelling corrections)...maybe we can all pray for these intentions?

  • Pleas help everyone who needs help, and all the people that are sick.
  • So that people that decide to skip church go more often.
  • That there will be no more abortion.
  • Pleas help my dad work really hard.
  • Help all the babies who don't have a mommy or daddy.  (this was Sedric's)
  • So that people that have work can stay safe and make plenty of $.
  • For all the baby's in mommy's tummys.
  • So I can be very smart (Sedric again)
  • For all the people in purgatory.
  • For babies that they don't get killed.
  • For all the people in the town so they will be good so they can get presents from Santa.  (either Gemma's or Mariposa's)
  • help my mom be reday for Mother's day.
  • So that all familys don't have any feuds.
  • Help me to grow strong so I can keep up with my brother and sisters
  • Pleas help the people that are on earth and that thay prepare for heaven
  • For world peace.  So the church will stay strong.
  • That (named family members) will become Catholic.
  • Pleas help the poor have food shelter and love
  • I wish that Sunday will be a Good day.
  • So that people will pray more.
  • That mom and dads can control their tempers (~ahem~)
  • I hope that mom and dad are nicer even though they are allrety nice.  (ok, I get the hint)
  • For Nana Kitty and Poppie
  • So that everybody will learn about Jesus.
  • So that everybody will go to heaven.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

early May happenings

The 3 younger kids LOVE the 3 days a week when Mrs. N
comes to visit!!  (Sedric even crawls to her the moment he
hears her come through the front door, so cute!)
First Thursday in May--May crowning at the
school Mass.

irises are in bloom
some of my first cut flowers for the house
(these are in the laundry room)

James hard at work (a usual sight)

hot browns on Derby day, yum!