Monday, October 8, 2012

Sedric's baptism

Sedric woke up happy on his bap-a-tism day! (that's how Mariposa says baptism):

Father Juan did the baptism for us, just as he has for all the kids starting with James:

Bunny and James took all the pictures for Sedric's special day.

After the baptism the 9 of us (me, Marcus, kids, gma, and gpa) celebrated with lunch at Reedville Cafe, then we went to Barnes & Noble to pick up some Italy books for our trip. After a short time at home--gpa took the kids out to pick hazelnuts and walnuts--we joined the rest of the family at family dinner at grammae and papa's. Yummy braised chicken thighs with root vegetables, and bourbon blonde brownies for dessert. All in celebration of our little guy's big day!

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  1. Congrats on no longer going to hell, sedric!

  2. Nice photography work!

    Good job on getting baptized, Sedric!