Monday, April 11, 2016

December 2015--Christmas and other celebrations

Christmas Eve, out and about:

Most of my kids were in the Christmas Play once again
(and once again I volunteered to help lead it, since apparently
the holidays aren't busy enough for me)
After dinner at the R side of the complex, we traveled to grammae
and papa's side for gifts and singing "Jesus is Born Today"

Marcus puts together a photo book for his mom every year.

Christmas Day, at our house:

Waking up Christmas morning, ready to
go downstairs and see what Santa brought!

Marcus loves cooking a Prime Rib
on Christmas Day

Celeste with Uncle Jeff

Mariposa's birthday brunch a few days later:

We did an Americanized version of a Mexican breakfast:
crispy tostadas, Mexican beans, a fried egg, and salsa.

(She asked for an Albuquerque/hot air balloon
fiesta theme.  Can you believe we even found a
very nice sparking wine from Albuquerque,
at our local New Seasons???)
Special birthday surprise

And even more celebrations to close out the year:

decorating cookies with friends
Happy New Year's!
I think by this time we were ALL partied out.

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