Friday, November 18, 2016

Amazing (belated) anniversary trip to the coast

Marcus and I got the chance to celebrate our (belated) 18th wedding anniversary at the beautiful Stephanie Inn in Cannon Beach.

Summer was a busy season of work travel for Marcus, so it took a while to find some time to get away to celebrate.  In late September my parents flew out to watch the kids, and Marcus and I finally got our chance!

We had originally thought we might fly to Las Vegas for a short three-day trip (spa time, fantastic food, and shows!) but we changed our minds and opted for something more low-key and a lot closer.  We had never been to the amazing Stephanie Inn, so this was our chance!

First stop: New Seasons to pick up fixing' for a delicious
deli dinner.  We got all the classics, including a baguette,
a wedge of creamy brie, and decadent chocolate cake.
After checking in, we felt right at home.  AHHHHH!!
a late lunch at a local seafood joint before our spa
massage appointments back at the hotel
relaxing on the balcony after our massages

delish brunch the next morning
walk on the beach--gorgeous weather
coffee break
our hotel--bottom finger
coffee shop--top finger
early dinner (to be able to catch the sunset later)

just relaxin' on our last morning at the beach
leisurely brunch

This was quite the relaxing, much-needed vacation!  I am so grateful that grandma and grandpa were able and willing to come and watch the kids.  The best part was that, when we got home on Friday night, I still had more than 3 full days with them!!  

I think the Stephanie Inn (with grandma and grandpa as babysitters) might become a regular occurrence...  ;o)


  1. What a wonderful trip! The photos are just gorgeous!!! Happy (belated) Anniversary :)

  2. Beautiful scenery, thanks for sharing!