Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Christmas Fun Day

My parents flew in from Ohio (and boy were their arms tired!) a week before Christmas....
grandma got right to work reading books to the kids
and grandpa spent time outside
The first day they were here, we went on our annual "Christmas Fun Day" trip to downtown Portland.  We leave in the early afternoon (this year, after dentist appointments) and see Santa before the evening rush. 
walking to Macy's 

Benson Bubblers 

dinner at Deschutes Brewpub, yum!!
visit to Finnegan's
Another successful "Christmas Fun Day" in the books!!!  :o)


  1. That looks so fun indeed! Your kids are so cute :)

  2. Poor Sedy!!! He didn`t look to happy on Santa`s lap!!! Gemma HAS to be mad about something!!!! That looks like a lot of fun!!!!