Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Durango--Day 2 (train museum)

In Durango we stayed in a nice 2-bedroom suite in a Residence Inn.  It fit all of us (!) and it had a pool and free breakfast.  We've stayed in enough hotels to know the best routine for us: Marcus goes down for breakfast with some kids and I stay to watch the littlest ones.  He brings food back to the room for those littles, and I go down with the late-risers.  It works well!
My shift was with Bunny and Posa
 After breakfast we loaded in the van and went to the rental lodge that the rest of my family was staying at.  This BEAUTIFUL house was just down the road from the wedding site!  All the other families could fit in this one house:

Babies love grandpa
 After hanging out with cousins (siblings!) we drove back into Durango to the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad museum.

all the scenery looked like this
At the depot
The D&S Narrow Gauge is a famous railroad that runs through gorgeous scenery from Durango to Silverton, and back again.  It was started in the 1880s and has an interesting history that includes it being registered as a National Historic Landmark.   We would've considered taking a trip, but it is an all-day event and we didn't have that kind of time.

photo from the internet
another photo from the internet
(Now that I see these, maybe I'm glad that we didn't take a ride
on this train...look at those cliffs!  Yikes!!)
The museum was wonderful and Sedric especially enjoyed it.  :o)  He is our train guy!

Cousin Katie loves little kids.

This display was just AMAZING!!!  The detail was spectacular.
The description states that this is a first-hand account of what this
little mining town looked like (now a ghost town).
This shows a tiny part of a very large miniature display.
Notice the drive-in movie theatre.  :o)
My older kids loved seeing the K cousins
(only happens once a year at most!).
 After the museum we walked downtown Durango to go get a bite to eat.  We ran into Joe and Steph!  

We decided on Steamworks because it could fit everyone...
and it had beer of course.  Apparently, beer is a "thing"
in Colorado.  ;o)

Posa and Hazy  (so cute!!!)
Stay tuned for the 2nd part of Day 2 of our trip...the wedding rehearsal!

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