Wednesday, October 19, 2016

More birthday fun for me!

My surprise party was Saturday, but my actual birthday was WEDNESDAY so I had almost a whole week of festivities!

On Tuesday night I treated myself to a playdate with my friend Stacy.  :o)  It was her birthday...for one day of each year, we are the same age.  I needed to take James to Trail Life that night, and Stacy lives near the church, so I just hung out at her house for that time.  It was such a treat for me since I only had 1 kid with me (Sedric) and he was pretty good.  :o)

Then on Wednesday I made myself a plan for the perfect birthday.  Included was:

read ~ shop ~ garden ~ pray ~ coffee break ~ work ~ clean ~ play ~ bake ~ eat ~ connect

I hustled to get it all done in one day!

I BAKED a new recipe: pumpkin monkey bread.
It was pretty good!  Made the house smell nice, too.  :o)
I combined COFFEE BREAK with PRAY like I try to do
every day (doesn't alway happen, but definitely had to
make it work on my birthday).
Unfortunately I had to spend 2.5 hours in the
car on Wednesday, mostly driving Bunny and
Mariposa to and from Franciscan Girls.
But I could count it as "WORK."  :o)
SHOP!!  I stopped by the nursery and bought "a few" new
perennials for the bed my dad helped me prep.  (He took out
all the old irised and we added a new tier using rocks.) 
My new babies from the nursery
Girls working for Franciscan Girls Club at the retreat house.

Also on my birthday I did more WORK (teacher work) and I got to GARDEN by planting some annuals.  I updated my blog so that counted as CONNECT, and I had some PLAY time with Celeste and our My Little Ponies.  And I can't forget EAT....

Marcus made Bourbon Blonde Brownies
for me!!  This was SUCH a treat especially
since my bday was on a weekday, and this
is NOT a quick-and-easy recipe by any means.
 Later that evening I did some more SHOPping at Marshalls and treated myself to a few small birthday gifts, and also READ in the car while waiting for the kids to come out of RE.  The only thing I didn't really do was CLEAN because, while I did my "normal" cleaning chores, I really wanted to clean out a closet or two.  But I guess if there was one thing that should drop off my list, it should be clean.

A few days later I was able to do some more planting and get all (but one) of my perennials in the ground.  Yay!

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