Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve Part 2

So as is tradition we made our way up to grammae and papa's house.  
Marcus played "Rudolf" on his baritone,
ala "Christmas Vacation" style

Bunny wanted to make sure everyone felt included, so she
chose to play Adam Sandler's "The Hannukah Song"
I played "Mele Kalikimaka" on the ukelele also.  After the music concert we had a DELICIOUS dinner of rib roast, ham, potatoes, broccoli-rice casserole, carrots, green beans, salad, ambrosia, and snackie-type foods.  The kids were all VERY interested in opening presents but they had to wait until after the adults cleaned the kitchen, boo.  Soon enough it was time but only after....
Another holiday tradition: the Oakridge Boys songs
(Jesus was born today, born in a manger....)
Let the present-opening begin!
The siblings and spouses draw names for gift-giving, as do the kids.  Since Marcus and I now have half of the cousin population, we got to give gifts to each of the kids from the other families!  So excited to finally be able to do that.  :o)
Grammae and papa give gifts to everyone, of course.  They are very generous and always seem to find the perfect gifts for each child.

At this point, I went home with Seddy and grandma/grandpa.  It was already 10:30pm and Seddy was beyond tired.  I was sad to miss the rest of the activities but I knew going in that a little 6-month old could only handle so much activity!  It was nice to come home to a quiet house and get a little more wrapping done before Marcus and the rest of the kids came home.
Marcus kept the camera and caught the two
little best friends in action.

Next post...Christmas day....


  1. Mom played the videos for us--they were all hilarious but I like Bunny's Hannukah song the best!!! Did she pick that out? Did hte other kids know the song at all? Seemed like the parents got a kick out of it at least :-)

    1. She didn't know it before this year...we were watching the SNL show and when Adam Sandler came on with his song, I said, "Bunny can play that!" She likes being funny, too. Now all the kids are humming the tune, over and over and over again.... Marcus was happy to learn a new song and get out his baritone also. They know crazy requests usually are for good and not evil. ;o)