Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Turkey Trot

a beautiful day for a Turkey Trot

here's our little preschooler...not the fastest in the bunch,
but she IS only 2 years old, and running against 4-year-olds
and maybe even a 5-year old ringer or two

Mariposa is the defending runner-up in her age group

She didn't disappoint!  She won 2nd place
again!!  Here she is holding her goodie
bag, and watching the big kids.
(look at that hair--Girl on Fire!)

James had to run a lap and a half, wow, I couldn't do it

And Bunny had to run 2.5 laps!!

They all enjoyed a hug from the turkey


  1. I love all the action shots! Especially Gemma's in the tutu.

  2. Rhianna or katniss girl on fire? I LOVE Mari-P's hair!!

    1. I don't know, what's the difference? I was just trying to be cool and try to pretend like I know what's going on in pop culture. I heard part of the Rhianna song once. I had to ask Marcus if it was OK to reference it, or if it had a bad meaning or something... :o) I just admitted how un-cool I am! But I think you already knew. ;o)

  3. (marcus) I thought it was Alicia Keyes.