Thursday, September 12, 2013

millions of peaches

As I mentioned previously, there is a frustratingly short window for my favorite peaches.  As in, about one week(!).  But Veterans are THE best peaches in the whole world.  The are not only super-sweet and oh-so-juicy, but the are also free-stone and easy-peel!  Veterans are easy to tell when they are ripe (no green) and they can ripen off the tree (good for us inexperienced pickers).  NOTHING beats a warm piece of peach pie made with these beauties.

VanDyke's at the market sells great Veterans, but we like to pick ours from a guy up the road.  Mr. B. is doing our community a great service to open his immaculate orchard up for u-pick.  He's so kind to the kids (he was a teacher in Portland for 30+ years) and charges an amazingly low price for these gold nuggets.  We are some lucky ducks to have Mr. B up the road!

(despite his sourpuss face, he really likes peaches!)
50-ish pounds got us about 4 pies, 7 quarts, and lots of fresh
eatin' by all of us!


  1. Wow, that's a lot of work to process all of those peaches! They look sooooo yummy!

  2. Sedi looks like he is NOT in the mood for pictures. "MOOOOMMMMM!!!!!! Do you have to?!?!?!?!" ~ Sedric
    Mariposa looks like she has never seen so many peaches in her life!!! :)
    "MOM!! MOM Look!!!! Look MOM!!! Look!!! Look how many peaches there are!!!" ~ Posa :)

    (The quotes are what I am imagining them saying) :D