Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What we've been up to, in food

All you bloggers know how it is: you take a little bit of time off from creating posts, but all the while you've been "creating" posts in your mind, so when you finally have some time to blog, you are just overwhelmed.  Where to start?  What to cut out?

As is normal for our crazy family, we've been having many adventures in the last few weeks.  I could write 5 posts a day, and it would take me a week to catch up, I'm sure!  So I thought I would just choose a few pictures here and there, from the last 3 weeks.  Turns out, they all involve food.  Go figure.

the new chickens have been laying eggs,
which means some double-yolkers (woo hoo!)
lots of sweet corn, mostly from Gene W's stand
on Hillsboro Highway (some from our own
garden, but Gene's is MUCH better) 
our first real tomato harvest, the day before
rain was predicted (this was in August!!)
(rain splits tomatoes so we knew we had to
get them picked)
canning the tomatoes (whole, and sauce)
trip to the state fair on the first day of school
(we always get a mammoth elephant ear)
fun with the cousins: a late-night trip to Goody's in Orenco
there's a short time window for the delicious Veteran
peaches, and Mariposa and I made it a priority to go picking
peach pie is officially my FAVORITE kind
of pie!!!  but alas, no more until next August....
No promises, but I'll try to keep blogging soon, and expand on some of these pictures, and more....

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