Sunday, September 29, 2013

rainy Sunday afternoon

It's a wet & wild day here in northwest Oregon.  A big storm system has been dumping rain all weekend so our planned trip to hike the Portland 4T trail is cancelled.  Here's what it looked like around our house earlier this afternoon:

cousins playing nicely (James was with grammae and papa)
Marcus searching for the "perfect" pork loin
recipe (shown here with the wonderful
America's Test Kitchen cookbook)

So it has been a nice, uneventful Sunday afternoon.  Aidan stayed to watch the Harry Potter #4 movie (he just finished the book) with Bunny, the two youngest are napping, and I've been working here in the school room.  Football is on TV in the background.  We're looking forward to a nice Sunday dinner of pork loin (new recipe #7 for the month; Marcus is ambitious), roasted beets, and creamy noodles.  Now this is my kind of Sunday!  :o)


  1. So how was the "perfect" pork loin
    cooked? I like pork.

  2. Sounds like a great day. I'm going to force myself to do nothing, someday! How was Harry Potter? The boys loved the books and Austin (just recently) watched a Harry Potter marathon on tv.

    1. They said it was scary! Bunny had seen it, but not Aidan. And the other kids (James in particular) are not allowed to see #4 yet. And while Marcus has seen all the movies, I have yet to watch the final one. RomComs are more my style!!