Saturday, December 21, 2013

Around the house

I uploaded the last few weeks' worth of pictures to the computer, and I thought I would share these gems for you, dear reader, to have a glimpse into some ordinary happenings in our life:

Marcus set up the small TV on our mantle for some special
movie time, probably when a Blazers game was playing in
the media room on the big TV.  ;o)
We made lemon cookies for Auntie Coley
on her birthday. 
I would say these cookies are on our top-ten list.
Definitely the only citrus cookies on the list.
Christmas packages ready to be mailed.
Gemma coloring a beautiful nativity scene, created by our
own in-house artist (everyone should be so lucky as to have one.)

Mariposa stayed home from school, sick day.
More artwork.
This is how he justified doing art instead of school.  (See
the last check box.)
This is what he should've been doing. 
The next day: Mariposa all better and back to school.

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  1. Lemon cookies sound wonderful but we would need a double batch! I really enjoy the pictures you post!