Monday, December 16, 2013

Hillsboro Light Show

Last week, the Hillsboro Arts Something-Something Program (whatever) sponsored an electronic light show at the Civic Center.  So even though it was about negative-13 degrees outside (OK I exaggerate), we bundled up and made our way to experience the magic.
The artist has set up lights to shine on the stairway.
There were various controls that the kids could
try, that would change the light patterns and colors.
James used a stylus and tablet, and Bunny used a Wii controller
(she is comfortable with that medium, with all the practice she
gets playing Madden and Harry Potter Lego Wii) (now that I think
of it, James does his best work with a pencil in his hand, too....)
Sedric loved running around, and all the flashing lights.
Afterwards we made our way to the toy store
to choose gifts for the cousins. 
To finish the evening: dinner at Taco del Mar
(known as Taco Bell Mar in our family).

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