Wednesday, December 11, 2013

St. Nicholas Day

Last Friday we celebrated the Feast of St.Nicholas for the first time.  How have I never done this with the kids before???  They loved it!  

The night before, I told them the tradition of
leaving a shoe outside the bedroom door.
St. Nick brought each of them gold coins!
That wasn't the only surprise for the morning: the kids were
thrilled to wake up to some snow.
After breakfast (oatmeal day, just like every M/W/F), we did some of our normal school routine.  Without Mrs. N we have been gathering in the dining room to do our work, and we always start with going over the schedule for the day, prayer, memory work, and a saint story if we have one.  I told them the legends and facts of St. Nicholas' life, and we were excited to learn that he probably helped form the Nicene Creed, which we are memorizing this month!
I had some fun games and activities planned for the morning.
They loved this one, where you roll a die and draw a part of
St. Nicholas (hat, staff, head, beard, eyes, and robe)...

...then we did St. Nick origami...

...all under the watchful eye of the big guy himself!

Sedric didn't know what to think of the snow.
The Highlights  "Hidden Picture" page rounded out a nice
morning for the kids, and for mom!


  1. Same thing happened at our house. Sarah Grace reminded us that it was the night to set out our shoes. I crawled into bed, woke up at 11:00 remembering to set out my shoes if I wanted to get something this year. :) Last year I didn`t and the other 3 did and I was super jealous cause I didn`t believe them and they all got stuff like either shampoo or hair things and lots of candy. This year we got a chocolate bear and a $1 coin. I was pretty bumbed. :)

    1. Hey, a little sugar and a Dollar Tree shopping spree...that's not half bad, Tess!! ;o) Mrs. C