Sunday, May 24, 2015

sketch of St. Matthew church

School is done and our summer vacation started with a bang! with a visit from grandma, an Altar Society potluck (which I ran), Mariposa's First Holy Communion and subsequent party for 50 at our house, and various outdoor tasks associated with May.  Whew!

As I work to catch up (and catch my breath), here is a photo of an amazing boy:


  1. James is extremely talented! Keep it up James.

  2. Nice, James! Be sure to show us the final product--will he color it in? Or watercolors?

    It would be fun to do another post about James's art.....what is is favorite media? Has he been able to explore other types of art other than drawing? What's his favorite subject? Have you thought about putting him in an art class or summer camp or anything? He's so talented!

  3. Such a good picture! Congratulations to Mariposa on her 1st communion. Wasn't she just a crying baby on our way home from visiting parks in Oregon?