Monday, May 11, 2015

SunDin--gumbo and chocolate cake

A recent Sunday Dinner had us eating two of our favorite dishes: gumbo and chocolate cake!

Marcus makes THE BEST gumbo!  I like it with noodles but
he also made some rice.
Gemma was particularly pleased since she has been asking for gumbo for SO long.  It's one of her favorite foods.  This time, though, she saw Marcus making it and wasn't so sure she would like it…"Does it really have all those vegetables in it???"  Yes Gemma, I'm the same way.  I don't like peppers and Marcus uses two kinds in this dish--and I love it!

We have a simple almost-flourless chocolate cake recipe…
very rich, very dense, very yummy.


  1. Dang it! I missed the gumbo - chocolate cake meal. Oh, that's ok. I love everything Marcus makes.i can't wait to see you guys tomorrow!

  2. mmmmm post the chocolate cake recipe, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!