Wednesday, May 27, 2015

good eats

Sorry, no original posts yet.  Man, the weather is nice here, and I just wanna garden!!  That and recover after a busy couple of weeks. 

Here are some foodie pics to keep you entertained:

Portuguese Greens Soup, recipe from Joy of Cooking
(link is to a similar recipe)
--I had to find something to use up our swiss chard that was
going crazy in our garden this spring!  This soup was simple
and very very yummy.  The interesting part was that you boil
thinly slices potatoes in the soup, then mash it a little.
We've made this a few times already; it was that good!

Boston Cream Pie, one of Marcus' favorites!
I made this from scratch so it had a more
delicate flavor than if I used a box mix and
box pudding.  But that might be yummy too!
As it was--this was a real winner in our house.

Tea time with homemade scones (recipe from
Joy of Cooking again), fresh whipped cream,
and "wild grandpa" jam.  My dad made this jam
last fall from a mix of leftover berries I had
frozen from the summer.


  1. Just curious, do you often have to double the recipes for you family?

    1. For the most part, we just single-batch it. Sometime we double or more--mostly for things that can be frozen, like gumbo, chili, or grandma's marinara sauce. I do like to have some leftovers for lunch (me and Marcus, sometimes Bunny). But a lot of random leftovers get "lost" and the younger kids don't even like leftovers! Oh well.