Saturday, February 27, 2016

Game Day (October 2015)

Game Day!  ND vs Navy, October 10th 2015

Marcus and I "won" (in the lottery) the right to buy 6 tickets, and we figured the lucky spectators would be my parents, Marcus, and the 3 kids.  But Linda offered (insisted!!!) on watching Celeste while I went to the game.  My dad bowed out and let me take his ticket.  It was so much fun to be back at a Notre Dame football game!

The weather was absolutely perfect, couldn't have been any better.  We really lucked out!  The kids loved hearing stories of our band days and what football weekends were like for Marcus and I when we were in college.

Tailgater at Bob and Linda's before the game
Concert on the steps

Band step-off (this is where Marcus proposed
to me 18 years ago....)
Dad walked with me to the outskirts of campus to meet Bob
and Linda, so they could take Celeste after I nursed her one
last time.
ND never misses a licensing opportunity....
I met up with Grandma, Mariposa, and Bunny who were already
in the stadium.  Marcus and James had different seats.

halftime Band performance
Notre Dame won of course ;o)
Grandpa waited in line for the bus back to
the parking lot, so we just "cut" and didn't
have to wait at all!  (crowded bus)
beautiful evening
Celeste was an angel for Linda!!

With the weather, my family, the win!, and Bob and Linda's generosity, this trip was everything I could've wanted!  I am so glad the kids got to see ND and I'm hoping to make this a more regular occurrence.

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