Friday, February 12, 2016

Super Blue Harvest Blood Moon with Eclipse!

After the visit to Mesa Verde (which is in the SW corner of Colorado), we continued south to New Mexico for that portion of our vacation adventure.  On our way we got to see the Super Blue Harvest Blood Moon with Eclipse--sounds like a bar drink you could find only in Portland or something....  ;o)  

Really, I think I got the name wrong, but here is some info if you care to look it up:

It was really amazing to witness the moon's eclipse progressing as the evening continued.  Here in these pictures, we stopped at Taco Bell (it was in New Mexico so it was authentic) for a quick dinner.  After this, we continued on to our hotel for a few hours.  The drive was dark and quiet and peaceful, and since Marcus was driving, I could watch the moon the whole time as it darted in and out of beautiful desert rock formations.  Good memories.

Where were you on September 27th 2015?  Did you witness the eclipse?

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  1. Brian and I had a small fire watching the eclipse but unfortunately the clouds rolled in and we missed most of it.