Wednesday, February 17, 2016

October 2015 in review

Well, I have set the hard task of creating ONE post for each month I am behind.  So many photos!  So many adventures!  But I am ready to get caught up.  So here goes...

October was another busy month.  Is there any other kind, when you have a large family?

Normal (Posa caring for Baby)
Not Normal (This is a photo of Bunny's camera screen.  The
first time we've seen a lynx on our property!!!!)

Normal (cousin over to play)
Not Normal!  It's not every day you gain a god-daughter!!
(The sweet Clare Evangeline, daughter of our friends)
Normal (Bunny's horse lessons continue)
Not Normal (funeral for Marcus' maternal grandmother,
Nana Kitty, in Indiana)
Both Normal and Not Normal (my birthday is only once a year,
but the kids are ALWAYS crazy!!)
Normal (Annual Fall Festival at church)
Normal (field trip, this one to the Bonneville
Dam and Fish Hatchery)
Not Normal (funeral for Marcus' uncle Rick) 
Normal (another elaborate creation by James)
Not Normal (learning the Thriller dance)
Normal (trick-or-treating every year!!)
Ok, I guess I lied.  There is NO WAY I can fit in our awesome trip to ND in this one October post.  So be looking for a separate post on that.  Then I promise, only 3 more posts (Nov, Dec, Jan) and I'm all caught up and can finally start posting current stuff!!  :o)

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