Monday, July 25, 2016

Trail Life USA and Alyssa's grad party

On Saturday, Marcus and James had their first hiking trip with the new Trail Life USA group:

I think they had fun!  The pictures are beautiful and both Marcus and James liked the "guy time" hanging out with friends.  We've never done the whole "Boy Scout" thing, mostly because of the time commitment and the obligations that take the father and brother away from the rest of the family.  But we're going to give "Trail Life" a try now that James is older and wants to spend time with other boys.  I'm not sure what the obligations will be yet, but we're hopeful!

They were home at 3:15pm and at 4pm we left for the hour-long journey to Vancouver and Alyssa's going-away party.  Alyssa was our neighbor before moving, and she helped with dance class at LVSDA.  She is definitely a girlie-girl!  Her mom is my good friend Rosina.  Alyssa will be attending Benedictine College in the fall.  I don't know a lot about the college, but what I do know, it looks awesome!  Family friend Grace (her blog is fantastic!) attended last year for her freshman year.

van-wash on our way to the party
Alyssa with Gemma and friends
Celeste hangin' out with the big kids.  (Most of these "kids"
come from large families, so this was normal to them!)
Bonus: we got to see Hannah!  Hannah was
Gemma's nanny before Mrs. N.  Gemma was
just 2 years old.  I couldn't've made it through
that year without Hannah!!!

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  1. Ooooh, Hurray! I'm so glad you're doing TLUSA - I wasn't sure. We missed the hike because of the wedding, but William will be THRILLED to know James is going to do it as well.