Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I'm missing half my kids! (Camp Howard week)

On Sunday we drove the gang to Portland to drop the 3 oldest off for Camp Howard.

Campers (with William, F. who is attending camp for the first
time this year)

This is Bunny's 3rd year of camp, and James and Mariposa's 2nd year.  I think?  Maybe I'm wrong.  It's all a blur.

Campers meet at a downtown parish for pick-up.

Last year I lost 3 kids and gained 3 kids since this was the week baby Clare was born and we watched Clare's 3 older siblings (including William!).

After the busses left for Corbett, Marcus and I drove the rest of the kids to St. Sharbel and their annual Lebanese food festival.  We went there last year after being invited by some friends, and it was great!!!  YUM!  Last year we also attended Holy Mysteries (the Maronite name for Mass) but this year we just got some food to go. 

Figuring that Gemma, Sedric, and Celeste wouldn't want to eat the ethnic food ;o) we made a stop at Burgerville for their yummy American food and...Walla Walla onion rings!

Today is day 3 without Bunny, James, and Mariposa, and I really miss them.  I miss their interactions with me and the younger kids, I miss their zaniness, and I miss their help around the house.  But I know they are having fun and making great memories, so I'm willing to sacrifice for that!

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  1. i just got their letters in the mail today--yeesh, I hope they aren't too late!!!!!!!!!!