Monday, December 5, 2016

late November happenings

Late November is such a great time!  Anticipation for Christmas is in the air...but there is still so much fun and tradition to do in the meantime.  Here's a look at some of our recent adventures:

Gemma and Posa wanted cousin Sophs to spend the night.
Making cookies was on the to-do list!
Mariposa completed her Altar Server training
and jumped right in, serving 2 Masses in a row.
We had friends over for brunch...adults were
greatly outnumbered (normal).  Fourteen kids
aged 11 and under!
Bunny is still enjoying her horse lessons.  :o)
Pancakes (made by daddy) every Saturday
Hard at work paying for those pancakes
Marcus and I had a date night and did some
pre-Thx shopping at Fred Meyer...sock sale!
Another kid likes Legos
I've started taking riding lessons too!  Here's
"my" horse, Tiva.  He's great!
dinner at new friends' house
Gettin' the lights ready for Thanksgiving night
Way to go, Posa!

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