Wednesday, December 7, 2016

World of SPEED!

I am the official unofficial field-trip coordinator for my homeschool group.  ;o)

I don't want to be "official" because then I would have to take suggestions from everyone, and I don't work well in a democracy.

I'd rather just be Field-trip Queen, so that's what I am.  I have set up one field trip per month to places that I want to take my kids...and if others want to tag along, great!

Our latest field trip was to the a-MAH-zing auto museum, "World of Speed."  The staff was awesome and split our group of about 30 students into 2 separate groups for a more intimate experience.  The tour guides were car nuts who really love what they do.  I was one of a few moms who needed to stay in the playroom with the littles, which wasn't that bad since the playroom was AWESOME!  After the tours concluded, the older kids came through and had a spectacular hands-on interactive engineering/physics workshop.  WOS even let us have lunch at the facility!  It was a great experience and I can't wait to visit again soon.

stuck in the playroom during the tours (could've been worse!)
This is what the main hall looked like.
older kids done with their tour, coming through
to the workshop portion

After lunch, I got to take a quick walk-around with all the kids
before heading home.
Great experience!
(had to get our pic with Big Boy before going home) :o)

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