Friday, December 23, 2016

Fun in Arizona

Last month, James, Gemma and I went to ARIZONA to visit Uncle Joe and Auntie Steph!!

My brother Joe married Stephanie last year in Durango CO (that such a fun trip!) and moved to Arizona.  They have just bought their first house and James, Gemma, and I were so happy to go visit.

(We are starting to split up trips because it's just not practical to travel with 8 people all the time.  :o)  I knew I could take 2 kids and we would still all fit in Steph's car.  I'll probably take a trip with Bunny and/or Mariposa soon, or I'll send them somewhere, just the two of them.)

Kids snack packs on the airplane (love those
Wikki Stix!)
Our first outing: hiking the Papagos area near their home

Breakfast the next morning
morning chores: watering the new citrus trees
searching for "treasures" under the mesquite tree
 I love Joe and Steph's Scottsdale home!  It is so clean and spacious, and the location is great.  Can you believe they have a Dutch Bros down the street?  (Joe says it's ALWAYS busy.) They have a master bedroom, two additional bedrooms, a large main bathroom, and two living rooms along with the kitchen, of course.  The backyard is great!!  It is completely fenced in (perfect for a dog...or kids) and it is currently a blank slate for them to landscape however they want.  I can see many more visits in my future....

Big news for our first full day there:  Joe and Steph bought
passes to Legoland!!!

We ended this adventure with a trip to a local Polish restaurant for pierogi and potato pancakes.  BAM! What a great start to our trip!!!

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