Saturday, July 29, 2017

Ballet Recital

Here are some pictures from the end-of-year dance recital.

I have mentioned it before but we are SO lucky to have a fantastic dance studio just a few miles from our house--living in the country, this is amazing!  "Teacher Jill" runs the studio and teaches ballet and lyrical classes.  We all love her because of her kind, patient teaching style and also because she is an accomplished ballerina herself, so she can teach up through the highest levels.  We're not there (yet) so we appreciate that she can also teach the lowest levels :o) and does so with grace and love.

This year's theme was "Cinderella."
James was a jester, and the girls were ladies at the ball.
I was surprised to see that the Jester had a very prominent role!
James is the only older boy, so he gets a LOT of responsibility
placed on him.  :o)
Additional boys (for the recital only) were other dancers' brothers.
Bunny and Mariposa are both in Ballet III.
Bunny will go on pointe this coming year!
Gemma is in Ballet I and will move on to Ballet II in the fall.

The stepsisters were so funny!!
Jill choreographed the whole 40-minute-long ballet, and
once again she included ALL the ballet classes in one performance.
Mariposa accidentally had a solo when her dance partner
forgot to go onstage.  :o)   She performed like a pro!
We were lucky to have a REAL male ballet dancer help us
with the role of the Prince.
My dancers!!!


  1. I love the costumes!! They all look amazing :)