Thursday, July 27, 2017

summer is here!

Summertime is always full of adventures in our home.

Wait...EVERY season is full of adventures for us!  I guess we just like having fun!

Here are some pics from early summer 2017:

Our Sprinkler Guy (aka Marcus) working hard
Waiting for Sedric's bus on his last class day
of the year (he was taking a once-a-week speech
class through the local school district)
Field trip to the zoo
(We like to go before group-school gets out for the summer!)

a load of compost for the garden
Saturday Market!
We try to go every week, if we can.
Marcus and I continue to enjoy our date nights.
This pic is from Yellow Llama in Forest Grove.
(Peruvian food)
I love going to Walmart on date nights!  :o)
We had some HOT days.
Hooray!  Decadent Creations opened in Hillsboro!
D.C. has become a weekly after-Mass treat.
Some adventures are unplanned.
Migrant Ministry...year #15? for us

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