Sunday, July 2, 2017

ok, so we were REALLY active this spring....

Yikes!  Even MORE springtime fun!!  Each one of these has a story behind it, but if I tried to chronicle off of it, I'd be here forever!!  So let's play the "Picture is Worth a Thousand Words" game....

date nights--this one at Decarli's in Beaverton
Outdoor play
We have a chicken who lays a daily egg in our planter box.
horse lessons continue--now I get to ride, too!
Bunny and friend Tess ~tried~ to go to a church dance...
but it was really lame so they texted me to come get them,
and we spent the evening at Insomnia instead.  :o)
annual trip to Astoria--this time, with some cousins!
Easter fun
my 3 altar-servers
field trip to Portland French Bakery
finding--and playing with--critters all the time
St. Matthew Track Attack!
all packed and ready to go to...

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