Saturday, January 5, 2013

Boxing Day

Our last full day with grandma and grandpa last week (last year!).
A stop at Uwajimaya for lunch
good job with the chopsticks, Posa!
Grandpa was not to impressed...not his type of store
(he likes when the free newspapers are in English)
Of course we had to wear our new Ninjago shirts to the
Asian grocery store....  (thanks Auntie Erica!!)
Gemma was intrigued by the fish
Bunny thought the duck was a little gross
Back at home...putting together a puzzle
new T-shirt...thank you CCs!
As soon as Marcus opened his gift from
Stephanie, he just had to try it out...
(set of chili powders)  Thank you!!


  1. Bunny, I love your hair like that!

    So glad you like the tshirts! Have you tried the game yet?

    1. We LOVE the game!!!! A few of us started playing it right away, and within a few moments all 5 kids were sitting in a circle playing!

  2. Is that the same Asian store you took us to, Becky?

  3. Yes! Although we didn't get any dried squid chips this time. ;o)