Monday, January 7, 2013

Mariposa's Birthday

Our little orange-haired girl turned 6 on December 27th.  She woke up to a decorated dining room and a festive birthday parade.  This year, her birthday was extra-special because grandma and grandpa were here!!  On our way to the airport (they were leaving for Colorado on a 6:50pm flight) we stopped at Red Robin for a special birthday dinner:

A special card from James
Bunny and James made these for Mariposa
 After dropping grandma and grandpa off at the airport terminal, and after a trip to Target (post-Christmas sales!) we used some Turkey Trot coupons at the YoCream store...all 4 got a treat for less than $2 total!!  And we found a new fun place to go when we need to go to the airport.
I hope Mariposa had a very happy birthday.  A special day for a special girl!

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