Saturday, January 26, 2013

Gemma's new favorite number

Can you guess what's Gemma's new favorite number?
eating a donut hole for breakfast
 Gem-star turned three on January 18th.  I remember that day, 3 years ago.  It was a late night for me, hugely pregnant, and I had JUST fallen asleep when right at midnight POP my water broke.  I barely made it to the bathroom before calling out to Marcus.  We knew to get going, and by the time I made it to the birth center I was in active labor.  (It was a very stormy and windy night, which now makes Bunny chuckle because my little writer knows about foreshadowing....)  Anyway, Gemma came into this world and like with all my babies, it was love at first site!
Now she is THREE.  Wow.  To celebrate we had donut holes for breakfast (along with oatmeal, I'm not that health-oblivious) and of course marched around the house for her birthday parade.  We had her "party" at dinner, complete with ice cream bars for dessert!

Razor scooter from grandma and grandpa
all my kids make fabulous cards for their sibs
Her haul (light saber from Uncle Joe)
A great birthday!


  1. That scooter looks just right for Gemma. I hope she likes it.

    1. She loves her scooter! The other kids wanted to ride it but they're all over the weight they were super-excited when James got his!! :o)

  2. Great gifts, nice scooter and I LOVE those boots, very fancy! Happy birthday, Gemma,I love you!

    1. Yes, she is stylin' in those purple boots (your fav color Auntie Erica!) ;o)