Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Girls (and Sedric) at the Market

waffle vendor!!

Seddy ate all the bananas off of my
"Elvis" waffle
our spot in front of the courthouse
giant sequoias, planted in 1880
the toy store always does an AWESOME
Playmobil display for the 4th of July
 On the way home, Bunny said, "Look, there's an upside-down rainbow!"  I explained to her that I didn't think that was possible, given the physics of light/water etc., but she persisted.  Sure enough, an upside-down rainbow!!  It was a sunbow, so beautiful, and it lasted a long time.  I couldn't get the whole thing on camera because of the bright sun, but we did get some of it...

our upside-down rainbow


  1. I love the upside-down rainbow!

  2. looks like fun, those waffles look yummy!