Sunday, July 28, 2013

Handbell choir

Bunny and I are learning the handbells!!
Bunny with her friend Colleen
At practices in June and July we learned "Let There be Peace on Earth."  Bunny's fantastic, a real natural.  She is great at rhythm and reading music, so this was a breeze for her.  I had THREE bells though (and only two do the math) so I was praying that the Holy Spirit would work in me to get my part down.  Either that, or that God would close the ears of the parishioners so they didn't hear all my mistakes...  :o)  
The whole group (minus me, taking the picture).
So today was our big day, playing the handbells for the first time at Mass.  We were both nervous!!  Would I pick up (and ring loudly) the A-sharp when I was supposed to play the A-natural?  Would my pages stick together and cause me to loose my place?  Would friends come up to me afterwards to console me?  Well, all that worrying was for naught as the song went smoothly and the only comments were how lovely it sounded and how great Bunny--the youngest bell-ringer--did.  We had a great time, and hopefully we can do it again in the future!


  1. What a great way to worship and give back!

  2. You guys were WONDERFUL!!!! It was a beautiful song!! You did a really great job!!

  3. Oh I'm sorry we missed it, but I'm sure you both did great!