Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mariposa at Zoo Camp

Earlier this month, Mariposa had her first experience at a summer camp...Zoo Camp at the Oregon Zoo!!  Bunny had done this camp twice as a pre-schooler, so we had some experience with the drill.  From 9am 'til 4pm Mariposa hung out with kids in the "Tigers" group and learned about animals and their habitat.  Her camp was Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday before the 4th of July: just the perfect amount of time for a youngster.  Seeing the animals up close was her favorite thing about Zoo Camp, and she especially liked petting the hedgehog since she knows that's mama's favorite animal!  She got to sing songs with the group, although "all the walking" was not a big hit with her.  ;o)  Overall it was a fantastic experience and she's already making plans for next year!

Checking in on the first day
The Bird Show was a big hit, one of her favorite aspects of camp.

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