Saturday, October 5, 2013

Reader Request: Grilled Pork Loin with Apple Cranberry Filling

After receiving an overwhelming amount of interest in the pork loin dinner mentioned in the last post (ok, there was just one reader interested, and it was Joe, surprise surprise), I thought I would take a moment to post some pics:

(Apparently you need either the book or a membership to get the full recipe...I would highly recommend the book, it is awesome!  You can also look for the show on your local PBS station.)

basic ingredients: apples, apple cider, brown sugar, vinegar, dried cranberries, shallot, ginger, mustard seeds...simmered to a chutney then rolled up into the pork loin.  We LOVE chutney with pork (made some yummy plum chutney last year) so we thought this was a great dish!!  Definitely fine-restaurant quality.

Straight off the grill.

Marcus used 2 tenderloins instead of one loin, which gave
it a little bit of a wonky look. Still tasted delish! 
Delish with a glass of good Gewurtz., noodles,
and some roasted beets.  Perfect Sunday dinner!