Friday, August 30, 2013

brunch at Olympic Provisions

First stop, Portland Farmers Market. Soooo
hipster!!  No, really, it was very cool and the
vendors had beautiful displays.  There were long
lines for food/breakfast but we just came for some
Tails & Trotters ribs and bacon.
Look, I'm not the only one who grows crazy-big kohlrabi!
Marcus couldn't wait until brunch to try the
Olympic Provisions sausages (they had a booth
at the market).
O.P. is in an industrial part of North Portland.
They open at 10am on Saturdays (LATE for us)
and don't take reservations.  If you don't get there
early, you're out of luck for at least 45 minutes.
Pretending to drink coffee
(really, the bloody mary was mine)
Close-up of the drink.  Yes it had sausage on it!
Our breakfast.
After this little excursion, we decided BRUNCH is the way to go!!  The meal was around $30 before tip, as compared to $100+ for a nice dinner out.  The food was FAB-TASTIC!  We ordered the Kielbasa hash (with oyster mushrooms, bacon lardon, frisee, and poached egg) and the prime rib benedict with lazer potatoes.  We thought surely we would never eat all that food, but (helped likely by the bloody mary) we were able to walk away without leftovers.
Next time any meat-eaters come to visit Portland, we are taking you there!


  1. Count me in! That looks fabulous!

  2. I think meat enhances everything...even alcohol!