Saturday, October 19, 2013

Feast of St. Francis

If you remember, one of my NYRs (New Years Resolutions)* was to celebrate feast days with the kids.  I recall writing "this will be easy!"...hmmm...ok, maybe not so much.  It is October and St. Francis is our first saint we are really celebrating.   So I doubt I will reach my goal of 9, but oh well, a few is better than none!
Mrs. N was gone this particular Friday, so we did school
in the dining room all together (the young ones at least)
St. Francis coloring pages
goldfish crackers (St. Francis loved animals
and all of Creation)
playing with stuffed animals (ok, they would've done that anyway)
howling like wolves
enjoying God's creations
dining room centerpiece (this stayed up all week)
We also read books on St. Francis, studied art (as in, art history and symbolism), and watched a few YouTube videos.  A great success; the kids loved it all.
On Saturday, Fr. Peter had a blessing of animals!  What a
beautiful day for it too.  I took the 4 older kids, and Daisy of course.

* Other NYRs are going very well.  Maybe I'll do an update post sometime soon.  We've had great new recipes, I've enjoyed not one but TWO new personal hobbies, and I've read some good books.  Not so great on sewing but I'll make up ground this coming week (sewing for Halloween).


  1. Great celebration for a great saint!

  2. So much fun Becky!! I ran across this site post, it is a couple years old that she is posting of All Saints Day. Lots of different ideas I thought your family might enjoy!!