Tuesday, October 15, 2013


This is what I saw out my window the other morning: 

(look on the frisbee in the pool)
 The kids found "Sally" the day before, while playing in the woods.  Gemma just loved her!  The first thing she did the next morning was go play with Sally.
Sally looks a little nervous in this picture.
Gem was sad when the older kids released her back to her home.  But now they can go hunting for her...fun!


  1. Gemma looks so happy. Sally is cute in a reptile sort of way.

  2. I claim that Gemma will be the first one to find "Sally" again!!!! :) Good thing I wasn`t there. I do not like reptiles and i have a good feeling that if I was, I`d be being chased with it!!

  3. aren't salamanders amphibians? I think Sally is super cute, and it's even cuter that Gemma is interested in playing with her and being so gentle!