Monday, November 4, 2013

October fun

Some pics from a very full October:

visit to the dahlia farm down the road
monthly Altar Society meeting (this time I had all 5 kids
with me...and they were great!)
"field trip" to Costco (ok, I am stretching it)
(but they did learn how they get the sauce
on the pizzas--cool machine thingy)
high school football game
my 37th birthday
friend's birthday party
finally got her new camera!
James too (made out of lego bricks) 
annual beach trip to Lincoln City
grandma and grandpa came to visit and do what they do best
grandpa was very interested in the flower stand
once he found out Bunny made over $50 selling
flowers and pumpkins
applesauce made from a friend's apples
learning the Thriller dance!
1st Annual St. Matthew International Fall Festival
planting spring bulbs
As you can imagine, each one of these pictures has a story behind it :o) and dozens of other pictures to go with it.  As time permits, I may elaborate on an event...or not...we'll see.  Time keeps marching forward, and with it comes more adventures.  Never a dull (or quiet) moment in our family!


  1. Looks like a fancy high school football stadium! And of course grandpa is always looking for ways to make money!

  2. What high school was playing and where at??

  3. Hillsboro vs. Tigard @ Hare Field.