Monday, November 11, 2013

Friday Night Lights

When the kids were younger (and fewer) we used to take them to at least one high school football game per season.  I think it was when Mariposa was a preschooler that we realized that this tradition wasn't fun anymore.  :o)  And of course with sweet Gemma...and now Sedric...well, going as a family to a game is out of the question.  (Although I bet a viral YouTube video could come out of it...just imagine, "Three-year-old runs out on the field and starts bossing around the players while baby brother runs away with the ball...")

But I still really want my kids to experience high school football games and all that comes with them.  I have such great memories of football!  And being homeschooled, the kids can't really be exposed to the fun of a game unless we arrange for it.  So last month Marcus encouraged me to take the oldest 2 to his old stomping ground, Hare Field, to watch his alma mater's homecoming game.

You may notice that we made a stop at
Starbux before heading to the stadium.
That was part of the package.  Or it was just
for my benefit.  Either one.
Kids can only sit still for so long, so we brought a football
to toss around.  James throws a mean spiral, and Bunny
has a strong arm, too!
Some "real" football players joined us, what a treat!  These
guys were academically ineligible (darn algebra).  They stayed
with us for a long time, probably 20 minutes, and they were so
kind to the kids, I can't even begin to tell you how sweet it
was to see these big guys playing around with pee wees.
The kids didn't believe me when I told them that their daddy
used to be the one on the stand, directing the band....
 What a fun time, so glad we reinstated this tradition (even if with just a few kids).  A few weeks later Marcus got to take them to an away game, so they got to see a new stadium/band/team as well.  Bunny paid close attention to the games--gearing up for her big Notre Dame trip next week!  :o)

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