Saturday, November 23, 2013

Bunny at Notre Dame

I am sure my daughter will want to do her very own posts about her big trip to Notre Dame, but for now I will give a sneak peak with pictures that Marcus sent to me:

my old dorm (she is wearing my dorm's hat...almost 20 years old!)
"Touchdown Jesus" (library)
she said the dini sauce was just like mom's 
Hanging out with a new friend--Bob and Linda's granddaughter,
Cate (Marcus and Bunny are staying with Linda,  Marcus' mom's
longtime friend from nursing school)
so cold outside, waiting inside the JACC before the game,
with grandma and grandpa
I think she said the wind chill is in the 20s, she isn't used to
being outside in this weather!  I'm glad I sent here with a big scarf!


  1. So is she IN Notre Dame?? Or at one of the team games somewhere??

    1. Yes, she is at the real Notre Dame! Her dad had a business trip, so he added a few days and took Bunny with him. So much fun!!

    2. Thats cool!!! So lucky she could go!!!

  2. Brrrrr, stay warm, Bunny! Can't wait to hear how your trip went!