Saturday, February 8, 2014

Arctic Blast 2014

noon on Thursday--see some snowflakes?
Sophs came over for a playdate, and by early afternoon
the kids had enough to "play" in
really cold (not normal for us) (I know the CCs in Alpena
are laughing right now, this is totally normal for them)
more snow as the afternoon continued...wondering if Marcus
will make it home from Denver Thursday night
kids wanted to play a little before dinner, so
I just let them loose in their playarea on the deck
Marcus' flight Thursday night (10:45pm) was on time, but he still had to cross Portland and all the crazy drivers.  The trip should've taken him 45 minutes but it was almost 2 hours.  Some drivers were going slow, but braking a lot (bad idea) and others were zooming past and making it dangerous for everyone.  But Marcus made it OK, safe and sound.  Friday was a snow day for the schools but not us, and we got a lot done.  Had fun watching the Olympics in the PM and looking forward to sledding the next day.
cozy house this morning (Saturday)

lots of snow now,  probably around 8 inches and still
coming down fast
the Pilot is buried after just being home on Friday
The kids had a blast this morning when I dug out the ski gear and bundled up all 5 of them.  So grateful for all the snow pants, boots, and coats that I've collected over the years at garage sales and generous friends!  I was busy in the laundry room all morning (dressing and re-dressing kids) but I did snap some pics, I'll update soon.  Looking forward to a quiet afternoon since our dance recital was cancelled for tonight.  More Olympics and probably some hot cocoa!  :o)


  1. I can't believe all the snow we have gotten! But I'm not complaining since we rarely get this much. Have a fun day and drink plenty of hot coca! :)

  2. It is SO beautiful! I just love your house...the windows, the wall color, so very pretty! I went "shopping" on Land's End last evening. I saw that their winter coats were on sale. I picked up two for two of the kids for next year at awesome prices. Even with hand me downs in our the time the winter coat gets to daughter #3, it is looking worn out ;) Enjoy the weather and have a blessed Sunday.

    1. Oooh, I'll have to get to Land's End ASAP! (once we thaw out, that is!) We usually try to hit the Sears store this time of year to stock up on the clearance sales, but we're not regular mall shoppers so sometimes we miss the best buys. So thanks for the tip, I'll try to get right over there this week! James needs a new coat for next year.... :o) Becky